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  • Now, in How to Achieve the American Dream Without Losing Your Latin Soul, author and Americas #1 Latino Success Coach Don Daniel Ortiz shows readers of all backgrounds that not only is reaching your American Dream possible, he also reveals a secret path, hidden in the stories of ancient mythology, that will lead you directly to the achievement of your deepest desire, your highest hopes and personal fulfillment. 

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  •  This is an elegantly illustrated inspirational book. It shows the reader how to discover their Divine Purpose in life. It combines spiritual concepts with practical advice in a way that is unique and very powerful. The reader will gain the knowledge and confidence to overcome limitations and obstacles and unleash the unlimited power hidden within them. It is a MUST READ for anyone dedicated to a Higher Calling! 


  • If you see Jesus of Nazareth only as a religious figure you are getting only half the picture...there's more to the story! In this book you will learn leadership secrets of Jesus the bible doesn't reveal, the hidden lessons in Jesus' teachings and the fastest way to unlock your God-given potential. The book achieves these objectives by illustrating specific examples utilized by Jesus and blending spiritual concepts with practical solutions 


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